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Planes, Trains & Automobiles.
 Sometimes ya just gotta hop a flight!  1.5 hours of flying from OKC to HOU versus 26 hours on a train, well, the flying won!  And off I went to visit my dear friend Jimmy in good ole
A perfect 75 degrees, blue skies & belly laughs with my buddy.
36 hours to do it in.  Here we go!
Stop #1: Ninfa’s.  The BEST margaritas & salsa in all of Houston, possibly the world.
Stop #2:  Walk around Discovery Park, tried a Shiner beer for for very first time and I liked it.
Stop #3: Entertainment by Tyrel & Calvin, two of the coolest kids in all of Texas. And quite possibly give the very best hugs too.
Stop #4:  My first REAL grits & egg breakfast.  With butter & sugar.  And love. Lots and lots of love!
Stop #5:  The infamous Norma Lee.  The VERY first time I met her, she said to me, “Giiiiiiiirl!  You lost weight!”.  That was 13 years ago.   I’ve been a HUGE fan of Norma Lee ever since.
Stop #5:  Hermann Park, walking off the meal we were about to devour. See Stop #6.
Stop #6:  Nate, future Knock-Your-Socks-Off Southern Food Cart Proprietor, did just that, knocked my socks off!  Greens, Beans & Rice, Fried Chicken & 7up Cake. Hot damn. And a Shiner.  Southern Heaven, complete with the drawl. And second helpings.
Stop #7:  Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church.  This has been on my personal “things I really wanna do” list for quite some time.  I listen to his podcasts and while I’m not a cheerleader for institutionalized religions, I can appreciate and admire a positive, humorous & relatable message, regardless of the philosophy.  Only hearing him (cue in, “…this is The VOICE…”), I couldn’t visit Houston without experiencing the mega-church that is Lakewood.  And I must say, it TOTALLY kicked ass!  With his perfectly coifed hair and perfect smile,  he was approachable and available both before & after the service, he was hilarious and inclusive.  And most importantly, he was genuine and it is undeniable.
I’m a fan.



Step #8:  Celebrating football.  I so don’t follow football so I couldn’t tell you who was playing or what bar we were at watching the game.  BUT, I was with my buddy Jimmy and it was a perfect celebration to a long friendship and a fantastic 36 hours in Houston!