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Well lookeee what we have here.
A poll. Was this a just a dream? (88% thought so) or could it be a reality? (12% believed!)
It was one year ago TODAY that I drove my super depressed-self to @airstreamadventuresnw in Gladstone to daydream. In the lowest of lows that I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime I found myself functioning on complete auto-pilot. Everything that I had known to be true suddenly was not. The life I had thought I was living had changed completely. Distressed and depressed and with twin toddlers by my side, my brain went dark. But you know what? In that darkness there was the teeniest, tiniest of pilot lights. “What is that flickering ever so softly over there? Wait! Could it be? No! The dream? The dream is back?? THE DREAM IS BACK!” And just like that, there was nothing else to do but to press ahead in the direction of my dream. It’s as though there was no choice for me anymore. THERE WAS NO CHOICE.
This dream had been lying stagnant in my brain for years while I did other things in my life…never gone but not in the forefront either. That is, until things went dark for me. That is when the Airstream Dream busted through the clouds and provided me with the brightest of lights that carried me through the hardest of days. Without telling a soul (with the exception of my CPA?) I worked on this dream all winter long. I pulled the trigger and made my first payment for #thepeacepod on Christmas Eve (by far the COOLEST present I have ever gotten for myself!) I brainstormed with the geniuses of @ultimateairstreams in the dark winter months, going back & forth on customizations and visions until they matched what’s been floating around in my head for the years I’ve had this idea!
Now here I am, one year to the day later.
She is my reality. (I still don’t know what I’m doing completely, like back it up!!? …always a student, ALWAYS!) My question to you is, what are you thinking about today? What were you thinking about one year ago?
Don’t be afraid to lean in and tap into that darkness. Sometimes the very thing you were meant to be, do, create, manifest can only be seen when things go dark.

#shinebright #liveriveted