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be punctual, prepared and keep good notes. Wash your hands. when you are ready, the perfect teacher will arrive. Knowledge of Greek and Latin prefixes is beneficial. Don’t panic, tests are for your own growth-if you falter you can, and will, repeat the lesson. Nurture your Self. Strength lies in balance. Receive massage. Eat your vegetables. Drink plenty of water. Be cheerful. Exercise daily. “ohm,” “Aah”, or just be still. Wear comfortable shoes. Create a peaceful environment. Nourish the senses; aromatic candles, meditative music and cotton flannel sheets. Every body is sacred. Be reverent. Warm your hands. Warm the room. Warm your heart. Talk less, listen more. Live open-minded. Beware of your prejudices. Refuse gossip. Value confidentiality. Be honest. Presence and intention are paramount. Wholeheartedly attend the moment. The lightest touch can heal. Transition with ease and grace. Spirit each move. Individual responses vary. Deep pressure. Gentle rocking. Embrace the difference. Stretch. Don’t pretend to be an expert on that which you are not. Never force. Never rush. “How’s the pressure?” Care. Pain is subjective. Laughter is healing, so are tears. The body remembers. It’s never too late to ice it. Forgive. Forgive yourself. Practice, practice, practice. Challenge rules. Welcome possibilities. There is no routine. Let it flow. Create. Dance. Don’t forget to breathe. Deeply. Relax. Shoulders down. Knees loose. Move from your center. Trust intuition. The mind thinks, the heart knows. Believe in others. Believe in yourself and in your profession. Believe in a force greater than yourself. Be gentle, be strong, be willing and the healing power of creation will flow through to benefit all you touch. From atom to universe we are whole and all are connected. Honor all. Judge no one. Offer freely to those in need. Continue to learn. Share your knowledge. Respect. Expect respect. Strive to grow, every day. Be open to prosperity. Accept tips. Be grateful. Follow up and follow through. Success walks a determined step. Clarify aspirations. The path will clear. Dream specifics. Doors will open. Dream big. Thoughts manifest. never give up. Never lose hope. and above all else…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.