Amtrak Adventures

Amtrak Adventures

Day #20 of our Amtrak Adventures.  Hard to believe that our journey is almost 3 weeks down!  Have you traveled by train before?  I have to say, it’s definitely something that I’ve dreamt about.  And due to circumstances, the time presented itself TO DO IT NOW!  The last Sunday spent in my hometown of Portland was at our weekend Market.  I stumbled upon a vendor who illustrated playing cards by hand.  The first one my eyes were drawn to was the 9 of Diamonds “Go By Train”.  That was the sign we needed to get going on our Amtrak Adventure.    

 So off we went, my travel companion and I for a trek around the US of A by train.  Time for us to soul search, seek out our next home and to network our way into the career path that awaits…

Train meals of crackers, salami & cheese, hummus & carrots, PB & J and apples & trail mix feed our bellies on our hours of adventures…

 New Mexico: green chile everything and sunshine.  

31 hours Portland to LA.  16 hours from LA to Albuquerque.  26 hours from Albuquerque to Chicago.  3 hour bus ride from Chicago to Madison, WI.  And here we rest.  But just for another day or two…The rails call! 

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