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First of all, what a great response to our very first Muscle Of the Month Contest! We received a lot of great guesses. The winner of the 30 minute massage upgrade goes to Karin Edwards! Check out her gift at ! Congrats Karin!

The Levator Scapula muscle, aka the levator scap, or just the levator, is the muscle that lifts the shoulder blade up toward the ears. For many of us, it works almost continuously (due to stress, posture etc.), and can become rather sore. Relaxing the levator scapula muscle will allow the shoulders to rest easily and may also reduce this muscle soreness. There are 2 levator scapula muscles, one on either side of the spine.

How do you help it (2nd to coming into Mana Massage of course!)? Check out this site for some great techniques: Lev Scap Stretches