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I can’t help but to laugh every time I read this comic clip!  Now that the snow is melting (can I  pa-leez get a “Hip, hip, Hooray! and hasta la vista” to THE most brutal winter EVER??) we’re finally moving our tail feathers more and more.  Running, skipping, dancing, biking, hiking, swimming, you name it, we’re doing it.  And that makes this girl so dang happy!  But what to do about all the stiffness and soreness (Thor-ness, ha!) and cobwebs of months of inside hibernation?   What about shoulders that are up to our ears because we’ve been shivering for too many days to count and have spent countless hours curled over our computers and phones and steering wheels?  In anticipation of body freedom have you signed up for a 5k, a marathon, an iron-man and are freaked out about getting prepared properly?

Why not take your stretching to another dimension!  Check out a Yamuna Body Rolling class with me at the darlin’ Community Soul Yoga studios.  Stretch not only your muscles but your tendons too, all the way to the bone, making for a happy skeleton and a happy you.  You won’t believe how different you can feel, instantly.  Warning:  habit forming.

People ask me all the time how I found this magic and why & how did I become an Instructor when before my career was solely massage therapy.  That’s it right there.  BECA– USE of my profession, I had begun to settle into patterns in my body that weren’t necessarily the best for the long-term.  I was so frustrated!  I finally had found a career that meant everything to me and one that I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated and my body was breaking down and turning it’s back on me  at the same time!  Receiving massages and exercising regularly just wasn’t cutting it.  I tried every kind of muscle rub and hot baths to no avail.   I needed a solution. STAT. 

The first time I tried a body rolling workshop I remember leaving the studio feeling as though I was 7 feet tall.  (I’m 5’4″ just for reference).  I felt completely calm and 100% grounded.  And I had this instant awareness of the “put-togetherness” of my body through my muscles and bones that I had never, ever experienced before.  I was overcome with a power that I had just found the answer that I was so desperately craving.  And I no longer needed to feel desperate!  That is ONE emotion that wreaks serious havoc on the bod.  Bye-bye!  

Knowing that I could get on a ball anytime I wanted to and release muscle tension all over my body WITH my body in a gentle, low impact but high results exercise that felt like meditation AND a “time-out”, well, I just needed more.

So here I am!  Teaching other people who are ready for a change in their bodies how to feel amazing, no matter what skin you’re in!   I feel pretty darn lucky to do what I do.  Come check it out.  I want to share it with you!

Your first class is always free.