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Dream a little Dream…

Have you ever experienced "push-backs" in life?  Where you feel like you're getting knocked around, beat down and trampled on?  That folks are checking out your dreams by looking down their noses?  Have you heard more, "There's NO WAY that will happen for you.  Ha, good luck with that!"  than, "You totally will make that [...]

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Are you Thor?

I can't help but to laugh every time I read this comic clip!  Now that the snow is melting (can I  pa-leez get a "Hip, hip, Hooray! and hasta la vista" to THE most brutal winter EVER??) we're finally moving our tail feathers more and more.  Running, skipping, dancing, biking, hiking, swimming, you name it, [...]

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My love affair with Harry Connick Jr.

It. Had. To. Be. You. Wonderful You.It haaaaaaad to be yooooouuuu....The year was 1991.  I was a sophomore at Portland State University.  I had quite an obsession with anything Harry Connick Jr.   I thought it was the coolest that someone so damn dashing from my generation could bridge the 50 year gap between my grandmother [...]

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The Reason I Roll…

My Grandmother, Georgena Francis SpencerI was asked the other night by a client how I got into Yamuna Body Rolling.  My first response has always been, "I was seeking that something that would keep me doing what I love to do (massage therapy) for as long as I desire to do it, healthily and on [...]

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36 Hours In Houston

Planes, Trains & Automobiles.  Sometimes ya just gotta hop a flight!  1.5 hours of flying from OKC to HOU versus 26 hours on a train, well, the flying won!  And off I went to visit my dear friend Jimmy in good ole HOUSTON, TEXAS!  A perfect 75 degrees, blue skies & belly laughs with my buddy.  36 [...]

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I solemnly swear…

October 30th, 2012 at 12 noon in the East Gallery Supreme Court in Madison, Wisconsin, my husband, officially was sworn in.   Attorney of Law.  Esquire.  Doctor of Law.  Whichever way you slice it, I say it's a pretty bad-ass accomplishment!   I look at some of your sweet, sweet pictures of you as a [...]

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Amtrak Adventures

Day #20 of our Amtrak Adventures.  Hard to believe that our journey is almost 3 weeks down!  Have you traveled by train before?  I have to say, it's definitely something that I've dreamt about.  And due to circumstances, the time presented itself TO DO IT NOW!  The last Sunday spent in my hometown of Portland [...]

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Into the Great Wide Open…

          Spending the summer (one of the greatest seasons in the PNW!) in Portland has been just what the doctor ordered.  It's allowed me time to downsize even more, spend quality time with family & my sweet friends, connect with dear clients, meet my fellow Yamuna Body Rolling colleagues, explore unexplored miles [...]

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ETD from Madison, for REAL. Weird.

Graduation first.  Road trip 2nd.  Back to the PNW we go!  It's bye-bye sweet Madison and hello again Portland.  At least for June.  We hit the road the last few days of May.  So bittersweet!!!  Thank you kindly Madison for welcoming me so warmly into this community...I'm posting my updated calendar of Yamuna Body Rolling [...]

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