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New & Improved.

It's been a learning curve and a schooling, but my new & improved website is up and running.  I'm sure some glitches and wrenches will be discovered along the way but I have to say, I'm a little bit proud of this one.  I've gone through years of transitions, business name changes, trademark brick walls, [...]

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SLOW DOWN Sundays, March YBR'in

I've finally done it!   I've finally put together my very first Sunday Series workshop for Yamuna Body Rollers and for those that are curious! I'm offering an amazing series each Sunday in March from 1-3pm at the gorgeous Studio Melt.  It's the perfect way to drop the weight of the world, honor yourself, get [...]

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The History is Complicated…but here it is!

Historic events in GautengIllustration by Janet Berger1200sBantu-speaking people move south from central Africa, displacing the San tribes, the original inhabitants of the present-day Gauteng area.1100s to 1700sEarly settlers recognise the mineral wealth of the region centuries before the arrival of Europeans or the discovery of gold and diamonds. Late Iron Age archaeological sites are plentiful [...]

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The lingo of my new hometown!

Compliments of Learn the local lingoGauteng is a cosmopolitan and multilingual province, where not only the 11 South African official languages are spoken but a lot other languages such as French, Greek and Swahili.Those who live in the inner city mostly speak “Tsotsi taal” – a mix of Afrikaans, English and other indigenous languages. The [...]

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Did you know? Facts about JoBurg…

Was born just over 120 years ago?It is a "gold rush" city, populated by gold-minesIt is the largest & most populated city in South AfricaIt is the largest city in the world not built on or near a major water source Winter is the sunniest time of the year!  In 3 weeks, I have not seen [...]

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We made it to South Africa!

So my husband & I, (YES WE GOT MARRIED!) have landed in Melville, Johannesburg, South Africa for a semester abroad.  Matt is expanding his legal education through the exchange program at the University of Witwatersrand and I, well, I'm expanding my life education.  Something about removing myself so far out of my comfort zone reveals [...]

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The Wisdom of Post-Its

While cleaning out some office files I happened upon some post-its that I've been carrying around from file to file since 1999 (I remember exactly where I was when I wrote them!).  Miraculously they're all still together and amazingly, the message still gives me chills.  I wrote it when I was desperate to escape  Corporate [...]

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