Happy New Year, Silly Rabbit!

It's here! It's here!  Happy, Happy New Year!  The sun is shining on this snow-covered day-YAY! My newly cleaned windows and crystals are shining bright and I'm enjoying each spoonful of homemade wonton soup before I skip off to work.   I think one of my favorite parts about the rituals of Chinese New Year is [...]

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Interior Alignment ~ Creating Sacred Space

I'm very humbled & very honored to have been included in this month's addition of Interior Alignment ~ Creating Sacred Space e-letter! Read on about the amazing work that the practitioners of the Interior Alignment World are doing...Now, more than ever is a crucial time in our lives to build sanctuary within ourselves and within [...]

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Paying it Forward into 2011…

You know, I have been so touched by the YWCA this season that I've decided to continue my special throughout 2011!  What does this mean?  Well, you bring in items off the YWCA Wish List and you earn up to 15 minutes of COMPLIMENTARY MASSAGE as a thank you from me.  Just because the holiday [...]

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Little Clips of Happiness are Here!

When the snow started fallin' and the degrees started dropping, I hunkered down in my very own Santa's workshop and created this season's finest of my feathered friends...I'll have them on display at Madison's very own La Lingerie FitHouse as well as directly through me!   LIVE OUT LOUD! Go WILD and BE BRAVE!  I've created [...]

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Hashbrown Moments…

My boyfriend is studying for finals right now and this morning was craving the good ole American breakfast to fuel him through the day.  "Awesome", I thought.  "I'll make him my mom's hashbrowns!"  Seems like years since I've had hashbrowns.  The day kinda calls for it too.  It's winter, it's cold, it's grey, and the [...]

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