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well here I am…in Saskatoon…in complete disbelief that my life as I know it has completely changed! It all started last Wednesday in Portland when I got a call from Chris Eberle of Flame Productions asking if I could come to the Rose Garden to do post-show massage for Ms. Faith Hill. My immediate thought, “OF COURSE! No second thought required…” Quickly followed by, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME???” So off I went, mobile massage gear in place…witnessing one of the most amazing shows yet…being in the presence of some of the kindest folks I’ve met. Faith asked if I tour…”OF COURSE!” I did what I do and left the Rose Garden with the biggest smiles I’ve smiled! Never in a million years envisioning how the next day would unfold…
I received a call from their Tour Manager asking me when I could be ready to join up with them! I had a quick trip to Mexico to throw in the already highly charged day (I am introducing the bodyCushions ™ to a few spas South of the Border)….so my departure day was yesterday. And here I am.

Somebody Pinch Me.