One-On-One Body Rolling Coaching

This confidential customized 90 minute session is all about YOU. I meet you at where you are in your body right now, and create a therapeutic session that provides instant change. Either through hands-on assisted poses in a relaxed passive state or via a more actively guided session, this time together sets you up for success in your own YBR practice. The education is reinforced in your muscles & bones and you continue to feel how your own body is put together, so you can unwind more profoundly on your own! Learn what works, specifically for you, so you can begin to become your own superhero, STAT. You deserve nothing less! Yamuna® Body Rolling is for everybody. Young and old. Male and Female. Athlete or Couch Potato. Overweight, underweight and just right weight. Flexible or not. Routines can be done on the floor, against a wall, in bed, in a chair (in the car, on a train or in a plane), you can do them anywhere!

$100 for 90 minutes

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Weekly Classes

Yamuna Body Rolling is a combination of exercise, massage and self-care utilizing 4-10 inch YBR Body Rolling Balls, our breath, our body weight and gravity to systematically unwind and heal our entire body, from the inside out. Get on the Ball! Try your first class for just $5!

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