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Yes, it’s true…I’m in a Tour Bus with the Management Team. Is it possible to sustain a feeling of Christmas Morning for hours on end? I’m here to say YES! Let’s just say it this way, it’s like the REAL WORLD only BETTER with COOLER FOLKS and stories that would blow your mind…the next 7 weeks are going down in the history books!!!
I still cannot believe that this is my life!!
I have caught myself spontaneously busting out in tears of happiness and gratitude. The Universe has provided to me in a HUGE way and I’m filled up and overflowing with gracious thanks. Everyone here is unbelievably welcoming, warm, and just as excited as ME! It IS like Christmas morning every moment of the day. Hard work but when you’re around people who love to do what they do and listen to fabulous music as the same time, well, isn’t that what it’s all about???
I always dreamed what it’s like “behind the scenes”…I always wondering why I got that tickle in my gut when i saw a tour bus…I always imagined how a show was put together from beginning to end…It’s a PRODUCTION beyond belief! I’ve got the bird’s eye view and I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks to my Mama for being my right hand-gal in organizing for all my gear to arrive safely here. Thanks to Shaunessi for teaching me how to stay in touch while on the road (I may be a bit BLOG happy for awhile!) Thanks to my Mana Team for holding down the fort…thanks to my clients for encouraging me and supporting me while I’m away…thanks to everyone who has supported me in my rock ‘n roll massage dreams…