Striking a Pose in Yoga Thailand! 

Megan & I on the left, Pam & Carm on the Right

It never ceases to amaze me how life unfolds.  You truly never know how one person will affect you and how you will affect them.  Or when they will arrive back in your life to surprise you!  Case in point, last year I was on my SE Asia Sabbatical with my friend Carmen.  Over Christmas week we attended a Yoga Retreat on Koh Samui, Thailand.  A whole potpourri of people were there, from all over the globe making it a true international celebration.  One gal in particular was in the beginning phases of  an 18 month sabbatical and was bubbling over with happy!  With a quick wit and a lovely voice (hailing from Perth), I knew this gal was a shooting star.  Flash forward one year later to Christmas and as I’m sitting in my mother’s dining room in Portland, OR, my international celebration the year before comes to mind.  I send out an email to my Yoga buddies and the next thing I know, Ms. Megan is asking if I would like to be interviewed on her new Australian Summer Program on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) on New Year’s Day! What an unexpected surprise to my Holiday Greetings.  I was honored to share my insights into the art of Feng Shui & Interior Alignment…and the cherry on top was that earlier in the program, the de-clutter guru Peter Walsh was interviewed too!  So, after harnessing the butterflies in my stomach, I proudly (and nervously) announce my New Year’s Day Interview with Megan Flamer!