When the snow started fallin’ and the degrees started dropping, I hunkered down in my very own Santa’s workshop and created this season’s finest of my feathered friends…I’ll have them on display at Madison’s very own La Lingerie FitHouse as well as directly through me!   LIVE OUT LOUD! Go WILD and BE BRAVE!  I’ve created some funkified clips and now offered with the “triple threat” backing.  You can clip, pin and band!  Nothing in your wardrobe is safe…prepare to be adorned! 
These look fabulous in the hair, on a jacket, as a wristlet…the possibilities are endless, truly! Need to spice up your headband, I’ve got the solution! Love to wear fresh flowers but can’t bear another wilt?    I’ve got the answer!  Ready to unleash your inner Billie Holiday? Yup, these will do! 
On a budget?  No worries!   I’ve got a Super Sale AND a Super Duper Sale, as low as $6! These are made of high quality silk, Swarovski Crystals and funky feathers…to see more, go to JenniJo.com on Facebook.  Enjoy…

hello@jennijo.com for orders!