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Learned way back, back when I was just a wee one!  Traditions I carry with me,  to this day and also some fundamental Feng Shui cures!  What are you talking about, you ask? Let me explain…
As the temperature drops and the winds are howling outside my window,  I look around my new home in Madison & smile.  I smile because I have my white Christmas lights strung and the scent of orange, cloves, cinnamon sticks and bay leaves waft through the air.  Two very simple things from first glance but things that change the vibration of a home completely!  Mom always said that “Christmas lights aren’t just for the holidays, you know….” and little did she know that when an immediate remedy for homesickness is needed, I recreate the smell of home by putting the above ingredients on a pot on the stove.  And nothing quite lights up the night like twinkle lights!
Aromatherapy and light therapy.  Two power house Feng Shui cures.  Thanks Mom!