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if you missed it last go around…now’s your chance to catch it again! Mana Massage will be on PDXposed once again! The challenge was to somehow tie in massage & relaxation with skydiving & exhilaration. Well, I did it…I jumped out of a plane, co-hosted the show and got to show off Mana!
It will air Friday, 8/3 on CNW14 and will also be posted at ………… will be on the front page of the site for 3 weeks! Anybody with a hi speed connection can watch it and after the 3 weeks, it will still be on the front page, Show #62!
Thank you to Jon Olson for always looking out for me!
PDXposed TV Shows air on Comcast CNW14 at 7 pm on the dates listed. Viewing is also available using Comcast “on demand” at any time.