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Yes, it’s true…I got the call to massage the Boss. Seeing that Bruce is a LEGEND, my nerves WERE a bit rattled, dispite my rituals for medition and tranquility. Friday the 28th came and with my Angel’s in tow (thank you Brigid and Sarah!), we entered the Rose Garden Arena wide eyed. There is a buzz in the air that only an arena produces. It’s an energy that I’m addicted to…aaahhh…memories of the Soul 2 Soul Tour…and thus the trip down memory lane began! Jennifer, backstage coordinator for Bruce-I massaged at Sasquatch Festival last year when she was the wardrobe coordinator for the Beastie Boys; Fred, Road Manager for Bruce-head of Security on the Soul 2 Soul Tour, Gil, Head of Security for Bruce-in charge of Mama Faith for Soul 2 Soul, Chris Eberle-Flame Productions all over the Great NW! Met him at Sasquatch, he called me for Faith, and again for Bruce…and so again, I’ll be at Sasquatch! YAHOOOOOOO!!!! Dreams are coming true. Bit by bit by bit. Thought by thought by thought. I am so damn lucky. And to witness the Boss mere feet from the Stage, well, priceless.