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Saturday night in the big City of Atlanta…woke up to the sunshine and the news that Mr. Kenny Rogers would be performing a surprise duet with Tim tonight! WHAT???!?! Called my pops right away to share the news. Brought back all those memories of “the Gambler”…and the miles and miles traveling & singing with Dad when I thought Country wasn’t cool. Well, all but Kenny & Willie. They were exempt from that rule. My mind has broadened to add a few more folks to the exemption! Who would have ever thought that my very first tour would be with Faith Hill & Tim McGraw? Every night when the house lights go down and the first beat rings through the stands, well, I know I’m right where I’m supposed to be!
And meet the beautiful ladies: Ms. Monet & Crystal T! The lovely back-up singers for Ms. Faith. (Crystal T also plays mean percussion!)
We are so lucky!