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Yamuna®Method Therapy

As a bodyworker professional since 2003, I found myself experiencing deep physical pain and tension while doing what I loved to do. I knew that I needed to find a solution in order to create a sustainable career, but also be able to problem solve the pain in my own body as it appeared. I wanted something that I could do on my own, between clients or at home, even on the road while traveling. I found it. I fell in love with it. I became a Certified Practitioner in body rolling, face fitness and foot fitness. Now I share it with anyone who is ready to feel better in the skin they’re in!

Yamuna® Body Rolling is the intelligent way to feel amazing in your skin. It’s a full body exercise all while being deeply relaxing. It gives you an awareness of your body and how it’s put together, and ultimately after learning the fundamentals of rolling, how to help it feel better. Utilizing specially designed proprietary 4-10 inch YBR Body Rolling Balls in combination with our breath, our body weight and gravity, we systematically unwind and stretch our entire body, allowing improved movement, regardless of what kind of movement that may be. Mimicking the effects of the hands of a massage professional, Yamuna®Body Rolling tractions and lengthens muscles. What sets this method of exercise apart from anything else is that it positively affects the tendons and bones in addition to muscles. It’s a total body workout like none-other! It allows you to become stronger, from the inside out. Perfect for problem-solving pain, injury prevention, building stronger bones, increasing flexibility, stress reduction and just plain feeling good!

Learn the fundamentals and then roll anywhere. Designed for you to take with you wherever you go!

Schedule a 1:1 Zen & Zoom Session or join me for classes at Maxwell Studio.

Interested in hosting an Onsite Wellness Class at your place of business?  I do that too!  Send me a message through my contact page for greater detail.