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The “Relax Like a Rockstar” Experience

Ever wondered what it feels like to Relax Like a Rockstar?

You’re about to find out.

The “Relax Like a Rockstar” Experience

I’m glad you found me! I have 16 years of experience working within the music and performing arts industry and have had the incredible privilege of providing bodywork to some of the best of the best. From lead singers, to drummers, to the keys and guitar players, I’ve learned to create deeply specific and therapeutic experiences.

Think of this as a total body overhaul and a complete system reboot, allowing you to do what you love to do, but even better.

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This sublime experience begins with simple yet effective self-healing Yamuna® Body Rolling routines, done during paperwork and followed by a transcending, customized fusion of deep tissue, myofascial, lomi lomi Hawaiian, Swedish relaxation, intuitive stretching & gentle range of motion techniques. All massages are enhanced with the deluxe comfort and postural support of the heated bodyCushions(TM). The last 10 minutes of your Relax Like a Rockstar Experience is what I call the “naparia”. Yes, you get to nap. I cover you with a weighted blanket, place a warm pillow under your neck and a warm eye pillow over your eyes and let you BE. I wake up up with the gentle ringing of a bell. We wave good-bye and you float on out ’til the next time, Rockstar.

Experiences available in:

  • 2 hours (most popular!)
  • 3 hours (You may need a ride home!)

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