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I don’t know how she does it but Jenni Jo consistently gives deeply transforming massage.

Storm Large, Singer actress author entertainer extraordinaire , Storm Large

Jenni Jo has magical hands, that can take your body to another realm. Best massages ever.

Davey Loprinzi, Everclear touring guitarist, hot rod maniac.

Jenni Jo is the total pro, she keeps us up on the stage when our bodies are tired and worn out from the touring life of a musician. Always glad to see her smiling face and know that her hands will put life back into my hands night after night.

A Jenni Jo massage is something one must have…  It has been the most complete, most caring, and worth while experience I have had massage wise.  I always feel like I have been doing time travel when I get treatment.  Her energy is very healing and she is very kind with a big heart. I look forward to more massages…


I very rarely get massages before shows as it tends to drain my energy if not properly balanced. I have had many massages in almost every country of the world and yours was definitely in the top 3 of all time.

I’ve had massages all over the world and let me tell you, Jenni Jo rank at the top for quality and service. I give her an A+!

Jon Olson, Emmy Nominated Host & Exec Producer, PDXposed

It’s not just a massage but a whole relaxing nurturing revitalizing experience for all the senses.

David Mayne, Film Director, Very Sirius Productions

Jenni Jo’s healing energies are the only choice for Gotham Metro Studios.  We recommend her highly and find few therapists if any that can compare.  On tour, on location or in town-get Jenni Jo!

Calming hands, a peaceful atmosphere, and a joyful, giving spirit – that’s Jenni Jo…one of the brightest lights on our tour!

Jeff McMahon, Musician and Marathoner

I was never much of a fan of massage but Jenni Jo has changed my mind. Now THIS is the way to relax!

Grace Lee , Wardrobe Queen for lots and lots of touring artists

Hands down, the best massage I have ever received!  I recommend Jenni Jo to all artists I work with because of her level of professionalism, presentation and incredible therapeutic skills.

Travis Labbe, Owner, True West Presents

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