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My Grandmother, Georgena Francis Spencer
I was asked the other night by a client how I got into Yamuna Body Rolling.  My first response has always been, “I was seeking that something that would keep me doing what I love to do (massage therapy) for as long as I desire to do it, healthily and on my own.”  Which is so very true.  Without Yamuna Body Rolling, my massage therapy career would have been over a long time ago.  
But diving deeper into the reasons why this exercise resonates so profoundly with me above and beyond any other that I have tried, I realized that it all comes down to my Grandma. 
I grew up with a gramma that hurt all of the time and  had 5 different contraptions for opening jars.  I grew up with a gramma that endured sympathetic glances everywhere we went when people noticed her crippled hands.  I grew up with a gramma that was in a constant race with herself on how quickly she could put on a sock.  17 minutes was her best time.  I grew up with a gramma that once sighed, “I remember when I could do that…” as I buttoned up a jacket.  I grew up with a gramma that was a prisoner in her own body.  I grew up with a gramma with severe rheumatoid arthritis.  I’m talking 17 surgeries with 8 of those joint replacements, severe.  

I want to feel good in my bones.  I want everyone to feel good in their bones.  I don’t want anyone to feel that they are trapped in their body.  EVER.  I’ve seen it.  It’s wicked.  And it’s not fair.  
One of the many reasons I love Yamuna Body Rolling is because it stimulates the bones, wakes them up, brings sensation to them in a relaxing and quietly powerful way.  Body Rolling helps to take the impact out of our bones; what exercise does that?   My family has been consumed with bone issues.  In addition to my gramma, 2 aunts live with R.A. and my mother lives with Scheuermann’s disease.  You better believe I want to do everything in my power to learn how to get healthy bones at every age, at any stage.   I REF– USE to have bad bones. 
With Body Rolling, we use our own body weight, gravity and breathe to take ourselves to a deeper level of body awareness.  Body Rolling turns up the volume of our body’s voice, letting us know loud, clear, and slow exactly what we need to heal ourselves.  Yamuna Body Rolling creates space within our bodies and in our joints, allowing us to experience freedom and hope all the way to our bones.  What a gift!  Wishing my gramma was here so we could roll together…

Kisses to you Gramma!