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I’d like to introduce to you, Moriel Charneski.  Moriel is a beautiful & sweet young woman whom I first met last fall when I started teaching at Community Soul Yoga.  I could tell right away that something clicked within her when she first started rolling.  I’ve had the absolute pleasure over the last several months to get to know not only Moriel, but also her mom, her fella, her sisters, her aunt and a friend too, all on the ball!  

I was blown away when I learned that Moriel is a MMA Fighter.  This gorgeous, quiet, red-haired beauty in a ring, pulling punches & kicks?   I couldn’t believe it!  I was intrigued.  And furthermore, I was intrigued as to how YBR works for her in her body and her sport. 


Please enjoy the following expose with Ms. Moriel! 

  • What attracted you to your first Yamuna Body Rolling class?

I had heard from some other class attendees at the yoga studio that it felt GREAT on their tired muscles and was a good addition to their yoga training. I knew if it was helpful for a yoga practitioner, it would probably be amazing for my wrestling/grappling/kickboxing muscles and joints.

  • ​What do you like about YBR & ​w​hat keeps​ you coming back?

I love the empowered feeling of being able to not only give myself a massage-like experience to help me relax, but also the ability to help my own injuries to heal and not need to go to a chiropractor or doctor for these things except in very rare instances. I regularly roll at home, but I keep coming to classes because I always learn something new to add to what I do, and it’s really exciting to feel so in control of my body and in touch with how to care for and fix not only injuries, but just everyday tension!

  • How has Yamuna Body Rolling helped in your MMA Training?

It has kept me feeling fresh and ready for every day’s training. I used to be worn out and sore by Wednesday, and so my workouts and performance would be below average the rest of the week until I took the weekend off. I am now able to get my body feeling re-set and new every night when I go home and spend 15-30 minutes rolling out my muscles and joints, and start the next day feeling ready to go! I’ve also had an ongoing knee injury from Martial Arts that gives me pain occasionally. I’ve found that by rolling the legs and inner thighs I can keep this injury from giving me ANY trouble at all! Technique and body motion has been smoother and quicker since I have been rolling and it seems to keep my bones aligned and the joints feeling “free” which is an incredible advantage and has brought the speed and power of my striking to another level. I also know that the body rolling care is a huge step in preventing injuries in the first place, which gives me confidence when all kinds of sprains, tears, and joint injuries are so common among MMA fighters.

  • What has been your greatest surprise/discovery with Yamuna Body Rolling?

The revelation that when I have any discomfort, pain, or injury that I can simply think “ok, let me fix this now” then work with my body and the Yamuna balls for just a short time every day and have the problem go away. What a POWERFUL feeling to have control over what’s happening in my body.


  • How long have you been an MMA Fighter? 

For 5 years.

  • What other types of activities to you do to train & keep in shape?

My MMA-specific training (Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Jujitsu) takes up approximately 12 hours a week, and in addition, my typical week also holds 2 hours of weight lifting, 2 hours of cardio (running, plyometrics, jump rope),  and 1 hour of power yoga. I also snowshoe mountain trails in the winter, occasionally participate in running/biking races and grappling tournaments throughout the year.

  • ​Anything else you want to add!

As a competitive athlete, I want to say that I wish EVERY athlete would give body rolling a try! How else do you take care of skeletal alignment and stimulation, tight joints, muscle tension, injury care, and get a deep muscle massage all in one activity? To be able to do this all for yourself is an invaluable tool, ESPECIALLY for athletes since it will work to counter-balance all the added stresses on your body and mind. This is not just a relaxation technique! This is a healing total body treatment that facilitates better performance, lower injury risk, and many many other things.

Yamuna Body Rolling resonates with people of all walks of life, of all ages and all fitness levels.  These are some of the MANY reasons why I’m crazy in love with body rolling.  It’s an incredibly powerful self-care supplement, regardless of where you are in your body & in your life.  Thank you Moriel for being such a fan of Yamuna Body Rolling and sharing your results with so many people!

Now, for those of you who have been curious about Yamuna Body Rolling  but think it isn’t tough enough for you, perhaps the time is now to reconsider & just get on the ball!

P.S.  Moriel won her latest fight.  TKO, 59 seconds in the 2nd round.   Moriel3