It is unbelievably hard to believe that the end of my time in Madison is almost here!   My husband graduates Law School on the 18th of May and then our path will lead us down another road.  A lot of unknowns right now and the trick is staying grounded and holding steady.  Sometimes I do alright with that, some days I completely flub!  When life feels like a 52 card pick-up game, it’s easy to lose your mind & your balance!  What I do know is how the next few months will unfold, and to make it easier to schedule, take a look at what I have open from now until May 12th.  And if you always wanted to try Yamuna Body Rolling, come on down and join me either Wednesday nights or Sunday afternoons.  You will be addicted!  PROMISE.  

Thank you Madison for being so cool.  For blessing me with sunshine and warmth.  With training me to love wintertime (with the right “gear”).  For softening my home-sickness for the Pacific NW by being a “mini-Portland”.  For having the most unbelievable sunsets over Lake Mendota from James Madison Park. For your crazy mix of politicians and protesters.  For supporting me & my business over the last 2 years.  For everything.