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it’s official…tour-syndrome has hit me officially! they warned me of that straight away that I would soon lose sense of time, day, and location. It only took me 4 days for that to ring true! After Winnipeg my busmates and I settled in for a 26 hour bus ride to where we are now…our stopping point for 2 show dates and 3 luxurious nights in Toronto. This tour is treating me royally…Tim & Faith are high-class ALL THE WAY…we have the most delicious catering and the best accomodations. We write down our requests for our bus rides and magically everything appears! Right now we are at the Four Seasons. I keep anticipating myself to wake up and realize that I have been dreaming this whole time…Cruising down the hall ways of the Winnipeg Stadium I ran smack into Tim, “Thank you for being here” he said to me…UNBELIEVABLE! And that night as I neared massage time with Faith, she sweetly hugged me and whispered, “I’ve been dreaming of this moment since Portland!” Truly, truly, truly I am very very honored and blessed…what a lucky girl I am!