Heading off to White Bear Lake, MN tonight for a weekend workshop on Yamuna Body Rolling and I CANNOT WAIT!
If you’ve never heard of it, be prepared to have your life changed (at least your body!) I took a workshop in Seattle many years ago (’06 I believe?) and remember feeling about 7 feet tall after the class.  I’ve never felt such a body high and so dang good and worked over in my life…It’s been a bug in my brain ever since.
As a massage therapist, I’m constantly in search of the “THING” that will help my body get the attention it deserves after doing what I do.  I remember in massage school my instructor advised that we should get one massage every 10 that we give.  Ya right.  Great thought, hard to put into practice.  I do yoga, I stretch, I work out, and I DO get massage.  But still, I need more.
In walks Yamuna.  End of story.
4 years later and I’m FINALLY doing it…Phase 1 of Yamuna Body Rolling.  Phase II sometime in the Spring then I will have another tool to show my clients how to take even better care of their bodies, themselves.
Let’s face it, who can afford to rely on someone else’s hands to make their muscles feel better all the time?  Yamuna helps to PROLONG the affects of massage so you will feel better LONGER between massages!  It’s the coolest thing, really.
and I’m so jazzed to be starting the process…Yamuna Body Rolling!