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About Jenni Jo

Jenni Jo McLaughlin’s dream of taking her own show on the road started well before she toured with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, but it took her “many moons”—15 years to be exact—to scrape up the courage to take the plunge. She even went as far as purchasing two vintage Airstreams years prior for that very purpose. “I ended up freaking out over the scope of the project,” she says, “sabotaging my idea— and selling my Airstreams!” Finally, in 2018, McLaughlin received wake-up call number two and decided to fulfill her dream of owning a mobile studio.

The decision came when a touring artist hired McLaughlin for two shows in two different venues, and she didn’t know what kind of space they had for her. “I’d always felt that ambience is extremely important to the entire massage experience, so I’d bring a lot of gear with me to onsite massage gigs, like towel warmers, salt lamps, aromatherapy diffusers, music, bodyCushions, white noise machines. I even had a custom road case built to house all my gear in an attempt to make it easier to set up in different locations.”

McLaughlin was tired of lugging gear from gig to gig. It was finally time to step into her dream. “I woke up one day,” she says, “and I just couldn’t deny the reality of ‘It’s now or never.’ I am getting older, life is not promised to us, and my dream of an Airstream mobile studio would not get out of my head. It just started to make more and more sense for me to use my energy doing what I love versus hauling gear around.”


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